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  • 350 US dollars




 All rehearsals will be held at the Watch Hill Chapel, unless otherwise noted. 

    Week One: Monday, July 18th - Friday, July 22nd from 4:30 to 7 pm

              (no practice that Saturday or Sunday)

    Week Two: Monday, July 25th - Friday, July 29th from 4:30 to 7 pm

    Performance: Saturday, July 30th 


 $350 with checks payable to Lanphear Livery Theatrical Group. Please mail your payment to Lanphear Livery Theatrical Group, c/o Alison Cameron, 34 Shore Road, Westerly RI 02891

   Refund Policy     

 There will be no refunds for children who withdraw after the start of camp. Withdrawals made before that time are subject to a $50 non-refundable administrative fee. 


Prompt and regular attendance is required. As time is of the essence, each rehearsal is very important. Please be sure you have no conflicts in your schedule. Campers are expected to attend all camp rehearsals (unless ill) and remain until dismissal. When a camper misses a rehearsal or leaves early it affects the entire cast. 


We will provide light snacks. Please send your camper with a water bottle each day.


While roles vary in size, the script has been crafted to give each senior camper (aged 9-13) a meaningful part. We will be holding auditions on the first day of camp and giving out the parts the next day. We work to make this a positive experience for our campers; if you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

   Junior Campers     


Junior Campers are children ages 6-8. Junior campers do not have to try-out for parts, but can be assigned roles which allow them several opportunities to have individual lines and be onstage.  

   Cooperation & Respect     

The children are expected to work cooperatively with the staff and other campers. The staff works to model positive behavior and assist in the most helpful ways possible when campers are in need of assistance. We use a three strikes system, and parents will be notified if their child receives a warning. After two warnings, we reserve the right to expel a camper who is excessively disruptive a third time. Our sponsor, One Bay Street, requests that the children treat the building and patio with care and respect. We will review the guidelines for use of the practice space on the first day of camp. 

   Items/Costume Pieces from Home     

Traditionally, in addition to costume pieces furnished by camp, campers are asked to provide a few basic costume items from home. These are generally easy to find things, such as t-shirts, dark shorts or pants, specific shoes. After the show is cast, we will send out a costume list notifying families of these items. If you have any difficulty in providing a requested item, please let us know and we will be happy to assist. Campers are asked to bring in any items from home for the dress rehearsal (the last Friday of camp) and the performance night (the last weekend of camp.) 

   Performance Night     

The performance will be in Saturday, July 30th! We are still working out details for the final performance and there will likely to be two shows. Campers will need to arrive at least one hour before the show.
For hygienic purposes, all costumes are stored in separate plastic bags (provided by camp). We ask that campers come with their hair already done (details to follow, but usually braids or ponytails). We want to avoid anyone sharing brushes, combs or other personal items.

   Cast Party     


There will be a cast party for all the cast members and their families after the show. Details TBD.